Sports sections

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our active sports sections
in Love Dance Help

Running section

A super-friendly section for every running enthusiast. The main idea is to encourage an active lifestyle. The section trains regularly every Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Lake Sognsvann.

The aim of the section is to organize a local 10 km run once a year and a joint trip for a longer run, such as a marathon/half marathon, combined with tourism and joint integration. Despite his young experience, The section has already gathered ten marathon runners and many half-marathon runners.


A section whose history began in 2018. It was then that we organized the first charity football tournament, in which as many as 18 Polish teams took part!

In our sports calendar, we play football tournaments twice a year - winter in March and summer in June. We called the campaign, which we spread thanks to the funds collected during the competition, "Noble Mission". Its aim is to promote a sporty lifestyle and Fair Play attitude among young people from orphanages in Poland!


Since Our Polonia Oslo is the best among European Polish teams, and every sports fan loves volleyball, it is clear that there must be a net.

Several editions of our charity beach volleyball tournament are already behind us. The weather is always fantastic, and our gastro zone takes care of every sweet tooth. The level of the competition is getting higher every year, which attracts a lot of fans. A perfect opportunity to spend the end of summer with Love Dance Help.
After all, each of you can hit the ball, take your friends and come over.


Road cycling is the youngest sports section in our Love Dance Help structures. We are counting on you here! A very young section that has not yet had the opportunity to take part in official competitions together.

The section trains in the summer on routes in Oslo and the surrounding area. Among our cyclists, we have several passionate competitors with more or less experience both on the road and off-road. We cordially invite you to the road!

Sekcja Ninja

Anyone who has watched the Ninja Warrior Polska sports show at least once will know what Ninja trains! In October-March we are mainly preparing for the competition season - during this period you can often find us at the gym, climbing wall or Parkour Park.

Remember - Ninja must be versatile! During competitions, we often travel to different parts of Poland to take part in competitions. Our tradition has also become the annual Casting and start in the Ninja Warrior program. If you want to tackle such a track, please contact us.

OCR runs

If regular running is too monotonous for you and you want to try something more, obstacle runs are the perfect choice. In Poland and throughout Europe, this discipline attracts an increasing number of daredevils who want to try their hand at the obstacle course.

We also have several competitors in our team who regularly take part in competitions such as Runmageddon, Barbarian Race, Spartan Race and Toughest. If you want to learn more about this discipline, we will be happy to provide any advice.